Project prices for animated & Motion Design films such as: Explainer videos, informational, commercials, promotional videos and so on. The prices below will give you get a scope on what a project could cost.
Exact prices will be set later on when we have decided all the specifics.
Tailor Made:
30 sec: from $3,600 to ...
1-2 min: from $5,400 to ...
3-5 min: from $6,300 to ...
30 sec: from $3,100
1-2 min: from $4,900
3-5 min: from $5,800
30 sec: from $2,200
1-2 min: from $3,600
3-5 min: from  $4,500
If you wish to produce a series of films you will get a discount. The discounts are usually set after we have decided how many videos you want to produce. Below you can see examples and get an understanding on what you discount could be.
3 films: -5%
5 films: -7% 
10 films: -10%