Quarterly Subscription Plan:
You pay for the subscription quarterly. 3 months commitment. Hours not used during the month will be carried in to the next booked month. Hours can be saved up to one month at a time.
Deliverables: You get as many deliverables as we can manage during the hours you have paid for. One project at a time. Amount of revisions also falls under how many we can fit during the hours booked.
Production of a simpler kind will de delivered in 1-2 days. Bigger and more complex productions will take a longer time, but this is always communicated when a new request is being placed.
Road Map: We create a step by step plan so you can follow along in the process. We always begin with a start up meeting where we talk about your needs and how we can create content for you in the shortest amount of time.
See the different monthly options:

40 h/month (3 bookings available)
20 h/month (6 bookings available)
10 h/month (8 bookings available)
Does this sound interesting? Fill out the form and we can talk some more on what needs you have and what plan could fit you.
Thank you for your mail! I will soon get in touch so we can book a date for a meeting./Niklas