Project price
(Most used option)
This is the option for you who have high ambitions for your video but the budget still has limitations. We will base the illustrations and graphics on your existing Brand style. We will have a "Discovery meeting" where we define goals for the video. But not on the same level as a "Tailor Made" video. 
The lowest price is without Script work and Voice Over recordings. The highest price includes Script Work and Voice Over recordings.
Animation | Motion Design | Illustration
Graphics | Concept | Storyboard
Style frames | Music | 2-3 revisions
Not included:
New illustrations | New Graphics | New Concept
30 sec: from $2,200 to $3,100
1-2 min: from $3,200 to $4,900
3-5 min: from $4,000 to $5,800
(the lowest price is without Script work and Voice Over recordings)