What is an Explainer video?
It is a film that explains and presents your products and services in a very informative, emotional and entertaining way. It is somewhere between 1 min to 5 min (if needed) in length.
Where/how do you use them?
There are tons of ways to use your Explainer video. On your website, for marketing on SoMe, in presentations, on fairs and so on... anywhere where you need to present you product or service in a quick and powerful way. And always with the right brand feeling.
Why do they work so well?
If you compare a film to a text or a still image you have the benefit of getting both visual representation, text and audio. This gives the viewer a higher likelihood of remembering you and your message. Your combining facts and emotions.
Are they scalable?
Yes they are! You can cut a longer film into several shorter clips. You can usually create 5-10 shorter clips out of your film and use them as content on SoMe.
Examples of explainers videos


Baby Journey