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Jag tänkte gå igenom vilka typer av animerade filmer vi kan hjälpa er med och varför de fungerar så otroligt bra för alla olika typer av branscher.
I want to go through with you some of the different animated film we can help you produce and why they work so well for all different kinds of businesses.
1. Explainer video.
An explainervideo is and 
An explainer video is meant to describe your products or services to your customers in a very easy to undertand manner. 
Instead of having to read through a long text that explains your business, the customer can just watch the film instead. 
But being accessible is not the only perk.
With the film you are able to keep on building your brand and relationship with your consumer. The right type of tailor made film makes sure you differentiate yourself from your competitors, and you stand out in the super noice world we live in. 
Creating something unique and tailor made just for you.